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Here you can find a compilation of resources for anyone with an interest in new media.

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“Culture arises and unfolds in and as play.”
Johan Huizinga



The resources featured are free for commercial use, providing that the logo is and website address is included on distributed or modified material.

Whether you are part of a large team communicating accross departments, or an individual looking to refine your message, the content is free to use.

Title Useful for... Type Access
Media Funding in Berlin - 1-Page Founders, Producers PDF
Groove Orchestra - Facilitating Play Anyone PDF
Storyboard Template Anyone PDF
Brand Development Template Brands, Products PDF Contact ZALMAH
The Journey  NEW Anyone PDF Contact ZALMAH
Pitch, Content, Challenge, Reward  NEW Anyone PDF Contact ZALMAH
Transmedia Communication Framework Anyone DOC Contact ZALMAH


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Psychology & Games
Organizations & Institutes
  • National Institute for Play - Non-profit founded by Stuart Brown, that aims to unlock human potential through play, in all stages of life.

  • theplayniceinstitute - Organization founded by Isabela Granic that focuses on developing games to help promote emotional resillience in children.

  • International Game Developers Association (IGDA) - Global non-profit organization serving anyone who create games - from students to professionals.

  • GAME Bundesverband e.V. - German games industry association with over 100 members. Works actively for equal recognition with other art forms. Member of the German Cultural Council.

  • medienboard Berlin-Brandenberg - Organization that provides state-funding to Berlin-based media projects. In recent years with an increasing investment into games and apps.