Who ZALMAH works with



I like to work with partners who adhere to a basic criteria, ensuring a successful outcome on each project:

  • Willingness to accept and embrace change
  • Desire to treat audience & co-workers with diligence and integrity
  • Capacity to combine social values with commercial goals
  • Network

    I've had the opportunity to collaborate with a range of creatives in various capacities. My network enables a flow of ideas to exchange, providing a foundation upon which professionals can be outsourced for projects with special requirements.

    Greg Latham

    Greg Latham


    Works in public relations. Directs documentaries. M.A. Visual & Media Anthropology at Freie Universität, Berlin.

    Ramin Shokrizade

    Ramin Shokrizade


    50+ papers written on virtual economies assessing ethics and implications. Ramin's models put people first.

    Andreas Weidenhaupt

    Andreas Weidenhaupt


    24 years experience in marketing. Co-founded Frogster Online Gaming, sold to Gameforge for $95 Million in 2010.

    Emma Rider

    Michael Weicker


    Award-winning director of short films, ads and music videos. Works with some of Germany's most popular rap musicians.


  • Riad Djemili, Co-Founder Machine Mensch
  • Steve Breslin, Writer and Sound Designer
  • Peer Häuser, Producer TV & Theatre
  • Alexander Pieper, Founder Studio Fizbin
  • Nate Ferrone, Producer
  • Christian Weinert, Camera & Cut
  • What People Say...

    I'm always impressed by Matt's initiative and creative ideas. One of the most kind, motivated and spirited people I've ever had the opportunity to work with.

    CAROLYN MARTYN Finance & Operations Manager, New York University

    Matt helped to grow an international audience, created major traction and empowered ESL TV.

    RALF REICHART Managing Director, Electronic Sports League

    Matt turns every challenge into a creative opportunity, and never looses sight of the bigger picture. His impact cannot be put into words.

    ANDREAS WEIDENHAUPT CEO, Infernum Productions & Frogster Online Gaming

    Current Partners

    • firepunchd
    • mauergarten
    • Emergent Berlin
    • the FACTORY
    • Knights Digital
    • Breslin Studios
    • Happy Tuesday

    Former Partners

    • DirecTV
    • ESL
    • Blizzard Entertainment
    • Dreamhack
    • Infernum
    • Frogster
    • Championship Gaming Series
    • Intel